Where have I been

It seems that the harder I try the further behind I get!   Where have I been?   It’s not that hard to write a note, show a picture of what I’ve been up to, and include the ingredients to the projects.

So, here goes…I have been going crazy trying to accomplish too much in too short a time and not getting anything finished.  That’s where I’ve been.   I gutted my spare bathroom last June, it is still unfinished!  I have the 2 end walls to cut tile for, then grout everything. After that it is install the toilet and vanity…. why is it taking so long?   Well after we gutted, we traveled for 14 days, then weather and the holidays and life got in the way.  So here I sit with not very much left to complete that project, but now it’s tax time.

In between all this I have been trying to run a crafting business.  This has been a difficult thing to accomplish this past 16 months.   Why you ask, will a few of my clients have become ill and had to take a hiatus and a few are just taking a break and using up what they already have.   I have had a few new clients too.  I am venturing into another realm of crafting with my cricut as well as paper crafting with my Stampin’ Up! supplies.

My goal is to complete my taxes this week so  I can complete the bathroom in April.  We are traveling the first week if April, that is why I need to get the taxes done quickly.  Hopefully I will get my act together and have some actual crafting on this blog the next time you hear from me… which will be more regularly.

My goals for 2019: taxes complete, bathroom complete, blog once a week, craft classes twice a month and newsletter twice a month.

See you soon with a fun project, in the mean time here are some simple cards that I was inspired by another demonstrator.


Go get your craft on!

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