Tabbed card


Card base is 11″x4 1/4″ scored at 5 1/2″
DSP is 5 1/4″x4″ and 5 1/8″x4″
insert base is 4 3/4″x3 1/2″ and whisper white 4 5/8″x3 3/8″ scrap whisper white & card base scrap.
Circle tab punch Dimensionals and Snail ribbon


The insert is very simple. Stamp an image near the bottom of the whisper white 4 5/8″x 3 3/8″ and add any sentiment (if you choose too). Adhere this to the insert base with snail. Punch the circle tab from scrap to match insert base and adhere with snail at the top, centered.

Now for the fun part! I had a bit of trouble with this at first, but I managed to figure it out. Before you fold your card, on one end make a mark at 3″ on one side. You can choose which side you want your angle to be on by the way you fold the card. Place the 3″ mark at the trimmer gutter and move the opposite corner to the gutter. It should be a perfect angle cut. Now you decide which way you want the angle to left or right by the way you fold the card.

Now for the DSP. After you determine your angle, you will cut your DSP in the same manner as the first angle cut. Mark 3″ and line up the opposite corner & the 3″ mark on the trimmer gutter.

Adhere (with snail) the DSP to your card with 1/8″ reveal from the edges. On the long edge of the card (full 11″) run tear tape as close the inside, outer edge as possible. Pull the release paper and fold your card. The long edge should be sealed tight. Your insert should fit properly inside the card at this point.

Now to decorate the outside of the card. Using g the scrap whisper white, stamp a sentiment and use whatever punches or dies you have to cut it out. Adhere it to a matching piece of card base card stock. I cut out one of the floral designs and set that I place before I adhered my sentiment and used dimensionals for both. I added a little ribbon bow as an embellishment with a glue dot and voila, I am finished.

Keep on stampin’

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Shutter card with belly band

The shutter card is so much fun to make & send! Shutter cards can be adapted to any occasion. You can fiddle with the shutter measurements to make it a bigger open as well.


Card base is 8 1/2″x5 1/2″ scored at 2 1/8″ & 6 3/8″
inside mat is 3 3/4″x5 1/2″ & DSP is 3 1/2″x5 1/4″
reveal behind shutters is 3″x3″ coordinating card
shutters are 4 1/8″x3 1/2″, score at 1/4″ on one side. Outside mat is 2pcs@ 5 3/8″x2″and & DSP is 5 1/4″x 1 7/8″ Belly band is 11″x 1 3/4″, DSP is 4 1/8″x3 1/2″ and whisper white is 4″x1 1/2″


After you score your card base, mark (with pencil) center between the scores and top & bottom. Now let’s work on the shutters. Mark center on your shutters from the scoreline out & top to bottom. Use snips to cut from outer corner to center point to form flag end. You made need to fiddle with this to get a good opening. The flagged ends should overlap completely when the card base is closed and you should do a dry-fit before adhering. Center & adhere your shutters on either side to the outer flaps with tear tape. Set this aside for now.

You will stamp your design to be revealed on the 3″x3″ card stock. Adhere to the center of your card base with snail.

Adhere your DSP to the inside mat cardstock. From here, you will use layering ovals or circles or squares ( your choice) to cut your opening in this mat. Stamp sentiment at the top and/or bottom. Place dimensionals across top & bottom on the backside. Make sure shutter flaps are down and adhere to the inside mat at top & bottom.

Adhere outside mats & DSP to outer flaps with snail.

Stamp sentiment on belly band whisper white & adhere to belly band mat with snail. Adhere this centered to belly band with dimensionals. With card closed wrap belly band around and adhere to self with tear tape. There will be a significant overlap.

Happy Stamping friends!


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Bridged Z-fold card

For this card, I was inspired by a Halloween card I did a few years ago. This time I made it a Thanksgiving card. I demonstrated this card and you can check out my video on my Facebook business page . The recipe is as follows:


card base 5 1/2″x4 1/4″ crushed curry and 9 3/4″x 4″ blackberry bliss. you will need some scrap Whisper white and a Whisper white piece that is 3 3/4″ by 2″. You will also need some coordinating scrap card stock. For my card, I used crumb cake, soft suede, old olive, and crushed curry.


you will score the 9 3/4″ fully at 5 1/4″, then at 3″ from the top down for 3″, then at 7 1/2″ up from the bottom for 1 1/4″. Place your card in your trimmer lengthways down, at the 1 1/4″ mark from the bottom edge and slice from the 3″ score line to the 7 1/2″ score line…the slice should only be between the 3″ & 7 1/2″ scores. You will bend the scores mountain then valley. You should see a square hole if folded properly.

After all the scoring and slicing, stamp your design & sentiment of choice across the piece. On the scrap Whisper White, I stamped a sentiment and used my dies from the holiday catalog Ornate Frames dies, (I sponged the edges with Blackberry Bliss) and used crushed curry for framing the sentiment. I adhered with dimensionals to the upper front panel. On the Whisper White 3 3/4″x2″ I stamped pine bows and sponged the edges with Blackberry Bliss. I adhered that to the back panel of the long piece. Stamp your sentiment on two pieces of Whisper White to accommodate the mountain fold. I cut some pinecones & pine bows with my dies and adhered throughout the card with dimensionals & snail. Once the design was completed, I adhered to the back of the back panel with tear tape (for strength) to crushed curry 5 1/2″x4 1/4″ with a 1/8″ border to the right edge.

Thanks for stopping by and keep on stampin’!

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Big Shot

Big Shot

Fancy Fold – Triple Z in Opposites

This fun card is so easy to make and it looks so difficult.  Your family & friends are going to love the Triple Z in Opposites.  I made this name up because the folds are in opposition to each other.  I’m sure there is some technical name for it, but I like mine!

Here’s the recipe:

8 ½”x11” or 12”x12” card stock
Designer Series Paper (DSP) cut to 5 ¼”x1 ¾” (2pc), 3 ¼”x 1 ¼” (2 pc)
Coordinating card stock 5 3/8”x1 7/8” (3pc), 5 3/8”x1 3/8”, 5 3/8”x3 3/8”, 3”x4”
WW or VV (depends on your DSP) 3 7/8”x2 7/8”, 2”x3 ½” and scrap if you desire extra sentiment

You will need 12”x12” card stock, the Card base is 12”x5 ½”
Score long end at 2”, 4”, 8”, 10”
Short side up, slice between the 2” & 10” score at 1 ½” & 4” (photo 1)

You can also do this with standard card stock:
The card base is 5 ½”x 11”
Score long end at 2”, 3 ½”, 7”, 9”
Short Side up, slice between 3 ½” & 7” at 1 ½” and 4” (photo 1)


>> now we add the mats, adhere with snail.  Three of the mats will be cut to fit the sliced areas.
>> DSP goes on top of the mat at the front & back panels and the middle panel top & bottom (photo 2)
>> Stamp your design & sentiment on the WW or VV 3 7/8”x 2 7/8” and 2”x3 ½” panels
     if you desire to have a pop-up sentiment on the front panel, use your scrap & stamp & adhere with dimensionals to the front panel.  DO NOT ADHERE TO CARD JUST YET
>> Fun times here!  Now that all the mats & DSP are down, we are going to do mountain & valley folds on each of the three sliced areas.  Start with the top & bottom rails, your first fold is Mountain, then Valley, then Mountain, then Valley.  The center rail will not fold at the first scoreline.  Instead, you will start with Mountain at the second score line and follow with a Valley.  The top & bottom should be opposite the middle. (photo 3)
>> Adhere your inside sentiment to the left panel at the center…it should overlap to the left panel.
>> Adhere your front sentiment panel with Dimensionals to the front panel about ½” from the left & centered. (photo 4)

When the card is folded completely it should be 4”x5 ½”

This is a really fun card to make…Keep on stampin’

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Just another Fancy fold!

This one I had to really figure out.  The example I have is from a card swap and I basically deconstructed it so I could remake it!  Here’s what I learned; I was wondering why not just cut on the diagonal instead of wasting all this designer paper?  Well, our DSP is really not thick enough to do this as a cut piece unless you are using one of the heavier foil-based DSP packs, this is why it is folded.  Below are three example photos.

Here’s the recipe:

12×12 Designer Series Paper (DSP) folded on the diagonal – point to point
Score lines detailed below
Coordinating card stock 2”x2” and 4” x 4 3/8”
Very Vanilla card stock 1 ¾”x1 ¾” and 3 ¾”x 4 1/8”
Multipurpose Glue/Tear Tape
Embellishments of choice


Now that you have your 12×12 folded point to point we are going to work with the points.
Score with the flat long edge up at 10 7/8” and 6 ¼”
turn 90degrees with flat edge facing left and score at 4 ¼” (photo 1)
Snip out the corners at the cross of the score lines (photo 1 is what your card should look like)
Trim ½” of the top (on each side) (Photo 1.5)
>> fold right point up to form a triangle – edge to edge.  Repeat on Left point. (forgot to photo)
>> open at top of the triangle and fold flat to form a square (photo 2). Repeat on Left point
>> Fold this back and use glue to adhere to just the triangle portion (photo 3 & 4.1). Repeat on Left point
>> ONLY ON THE RIGHT SQUARE glue the inside flat (Photo 4). Left side remains open (photo 5)
>> Adhere your coordinating card stock to both Squares (photo 6)
>> Stamp your design & sentiment on the VV 3 ¾”x4 1/8” and the VV 1 ¾”x1 ¾”
>> adhere VV 3 ¾”x4 1/8” to inside of the card (photo 7)
>> adhere VV 1 ¾” X1 ¾” to the left square (photo 8)

Fold right point at score line and then left point, Top point folds and fits into the left square to hold the card closed (photo 9).

Hope this tutorial was helpful and not too confusing to follow. I appreciate any comments you may have.

Keep on stampin’ everyone!

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Bridge Card

Super Simple card that looks complicated and will impress the recipient with your craftiness!

I love this card, the Bridge Card is diverse, it can be used for any season any reason!


Terracotta Tile Card Base is 8″x4 1/4″ scored RtoL: 1 1/4″ 2 1/2″ 5 1/2″ 6 1/4″
same card stock: 5 3/8″x1″ and 2″x2″
Whisper White: 5 1/8″x3/4″ 3″x2″ 4″x2 3/4″
Garden Green: scrap 3″x3″
Mosaic Mood DSP 1″x4″ (2pcs)
Layering Ovals & Butterfly Dies were used
Snail & black dimensionals for adhesive

Here is how you build it!

>>Adhere your DSP to the two end panels with snail
>>Stamp your sentiment just left of center on the WW 5 1/4″x3/4″, then adhere it to the TT 5 1/2″x1″
>>Stamp your inside sentiment on the WW 4″x2 3/4″ just above center and 1/3 from the left. Your image can go to the lower right corner.
>>Run the inside WW with the floral spray through your die-cutting machine, then adhere it to the center panel of the card base.
>>Stamp your leaf on the GG 3″x3″ & die cut with Leaf die
>>using the smaller leaf dies, lay on your ink pad and carefully pick up & place on the WW, then run through the die-cutting machine…repeat on the TT 2″x2″
>>adhere the smaller leaves to each other & the bigger leaf with snail.
>>Stamp your lead sentiment & image on the WW 3″x2″, then run it through your die-cutting machine with the layered oval of choice & adhere to the leaf spray. Adhere this to the left panel with black dimensionals
NOTE: If you wish to write a personal note, then you can adhere a WW (4″x2 3/4″) panel to the backside of the card base

Happy Stamping!

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Corner Flip card

This beautiful Corner Flip card is made with the Feels Like Frost 6×6 DSP. It is so easy to make. Your recipient will think it took you all day to make it!

RECIPE starts here:

Card base is standard 8 1/2″x5 1/2″ scored at 4 1/4″
Mat sizes are 5 1/4″x4″ (inside) & 2 3/4″x2 3/4″ (front) & 4 3/4″x1 1/8″ for banner
DSP is 2 1/2″x2 1/2″
Whisper White is 5″x3 3/4″ (inside) & scrap for sentiment
Triple Banner Punch (or use snips to flag)
Rhinestones, some Ribbon, Snail, and Glue Dots
Inkpad of choice

Before you fold your card base, you are going to make a couple of cuts to get the folding corner. Place the long side at 3″ and your cutting blade at 4 7/8″, cutting towards 2 1/2″. Turn a quarter turn and place the cutting blade at 5/8″ and cut toward 3″. Your two cut lines should meet (forming and L). Adhere your mat before you turn your corner cut. Carefully, from the upper right corner, twist over onto the front of the card. Burnish your score line with your bone folder and use a glue dot to secure the corner to the base. You can now apply your DSP, your sentiment and banner mat with a few Rhinestones & a pretty bow to set it off!

Inside adhere your mat. Stamp your design of choice to the Whisper White, add a sentiment or leave blank for your own little note. Adhere to the mat and voila, you’re finished!

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Here’s what has been going on

Here’s what has been going on in my life lately. I try to be Live on Facebook every Tuesday at 3 pm so I can give you news updates and cool new/old technique. I like to post the card info here so you can have all the measurements. Well, I got a call from my web hosting company stating that Google is shutting out bloggers without security on their site. So I listen to what they have to say and it makes sense. I don’t sell anything here on this site, but if it makes y’all feel better and safer, I went with it and purchased the security package.

Let me tell you, this has been one of the most difficult things to get completed. First, they were way over my head with technical jargon (I used to do tech support too). Then there was the whole thing about having an email address that is more professional and where the information they were sending was going – – I didn’t have it set up yet! I already have an Office 365 subscription, evidently, theirs is a separate subscription and it is free for a year. Well, they said that all the emails were going to the default email that I signed up the site with, but they definitely weren’t going there. I finally got the email set up through them (had to pay to have that done too)…y’all will get that new email address at a later date. Then to complete the SSL (security) install, more technical jargon. They said it would be easy for me to do it, but I had no clue what they were talking about! I finally paid to have that done. well, that took 4 days to get done because there was so much editing on my site. Today I woke up today and see that my site is finally secure! So feel safe everyone!

The next few days will have me updating some tutorials and videos to post here. Thank you for being so patient with me and visiting my page to see what’s happening.

Keep on Crafting y’all!

Bird Ballad Fancy Fold card

bird ballad

Wow, what a challenge it was to get this video made & uploaded! The Bird Ballad suite is one of my favorites, but technology is a bit challenging lately. My editing software isn’t working correctly, so this video is completely unedited and showing sideways for some reason. There is no audio, but I have all the measurements right here. The video is below for you to follow along. So, without further ado!

Thick Whisper White card base is 5 1/2″x6 7/8″ scored at 2 5/8″ on the left and a 3 1/2″ square piece scored at 1/2″. adhere the 3 1/2″ square to the card base on the right side at the middle. Bird Ballad DSP is 5 1/4″x 2 3/8″ for the left panel and 2 1/2″ square for the small panel on the right, both adhere with snail. I have some scrap Old Olive for the sprigs I punched out to embellish with. I used scrap whisper white (ww) and pool party for my sentiment label. I punched using the Everyday Label punch. Cut the Pool Party label in half and adhere to the ww label with the sentiment on it, apply two dimensionals and set aside. You need ww 5″x3″ for the birds on a branch and stamp them with Early Espresso ink, then color them with your Stampin’ Blends.after all the coloring is complete, fussy cut the image out and place a few dimensionals across the back to the right side (this overlaps the left and you do not want adhesive there). Adhere your sentiment label centered on the lower-left panel, then adhere your birds on a branch above it. Next, embellish the flower centers with pearls and you’re done!

See, Easy Peasy! Looks complicated, but it really isn’t.

Keep on creating,

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Technique Tuesday

Technique Tuesday

Hello everyone, here are the instructions for the June 18th Technique Tuesday cards.  I hope you enjoyed the Live cast (sorry about the audio).  If you didn’t see it LIVE, it is on replay on my business page and YouTube.  You can make this a regular sized card with a few adjustments to the cuts.  This card is 5 ½”x5 ½” so it will require extra postage since it can’t go through the mailing machines.

This is a Pop-out Swing card:

  • Card base (your choice of card stock) is 11”x 5 ½” scored at 5 ½” on the long side
  • The inner panel, Whisper White, is 7 ½”x 5 ¼” scored at 2 ½” & 5” on the long side
  • Tab, Whisper White or card stock color, is ¾”x 5” cut in half to equal 3/8” each, folded at 2 ½” on the long side
  • Whisper White 3 ½”x3 ½”
  • Designer Series Paper of your choice 5 ½”x 5 ½”
  • See Supplies list below for details


  • Adhere your DSP to the front of the card base and make sure no tape in the center
  • Once the DSP adheres, use square dies to cut out the center or off-center.  Save the card stock and put the square DSP for another project
  • on the 3 ½”x3 ½” Whisper White – stamp your images and/or sentiment.  Adhere it to the square cut out from card base
  • Fold the inner panel in a Z pattern
  • Adhere the inner panel to the right, inside of the card base
  • Close card base over the Z-fold inner panel (should see half the card base and half the inner-panel) and apply adhesive to the exposed inner panel then set square cutout (with images) to the inset.
  • Open the card and lay Z-fold out flat to the right.  You will adhere the tabs at the top & bottom of the Z-fold (not on the square cutout).
  • Fold Tabs in half to align with the edge of the Z-fold, then open them and flip the z-fold back to the inside of the card base.  Apply adhesive to the tabs and close the card base over them.

Thank you for checking out my fancy fold card. See you back here again I hope for more fun card making and scrapbooking ideas & tutorials.

Get your craft on!


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