2020 Almost done!

Can you believe the year is more than half over? I imagine most people are thankful that it is almost done…being couped up at home for more than 7 months can be exasperating! For some, it has been wonderful, the family time, being able to work from home (no commuting in traffic!), and just finding time for all those projects that need to be done.

Here, we have been raising a puppy for the last 9 months! Gipsie is 65# and pretty tall when on her hind legs. She is so full of energy, sometimes it is hard to keep up with her! We have had a slab leak from our hot-water tank…thankfully it was fixable by going through the attic and dropping lines to all the fixtures rather than tearing up the slab. That meant I had to put my dry-wall skills to work…had to fix all the holes they put in the walls to drop & attach the lines. We had our sidewalks repaired by the city…that was interesting to watch. The guy running the excavator was so delicate! I have been working on the front flower beds. I finished (for the most part) the east bed and got the sidewalk portion of the west bed done. It was a lot of digging and pulling up roots from old bushes and some from our live-oak tree. I replaced the dirt with fresh dirt, compost, crushed lava rock, and perlite. Moved the dirt I took out to the lawn where it was low. I managed to get some flowers planted for now. I need to put in some greenery and perennials, but that will wait for next spring. I also finished a quilt I had been working on for about 6 months!

We are planning a party to celebrate our birthdays and anniversary (in just 10 days!). I have been working on my card class kits by mail…check it out under the workshop tab. September will have two classes listed, one from the annual catalog and one from the holiday mini catalog.

that is the year for us so far…who knows what the rest of the year will bring! I will keep you updated though. I have a few photos to show what’s been going on here.

Meanwhile, Stay safe, be happy and get to stampin’

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